A/F.O.T.T.® | Tracheostomy Tubes


Five-day interprofessional course on the assessment and treatment of patients with a tracheostomy tube (not requiring ventilation) after acquired brain injury, based on the concept of Kay Coombes.


Target group

Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, registered nurses, doctors


Participation requirement

  • F.O.T.T.® Ground Course with subsequent six-month application of the concept and the creation of a video about one's own work with a patient. The e-learning module for the F.O.T.T.® Ground Course is recommended.
  • Provide evidence of basic skills in handling and transferring patients with typical neurological movement disorders. This can be done by attending a certified Bobath course or Bobath seminar, or by attending the F.O.T.T.® workshop Transfer and Positioning (see seminars, offered only in Germany).
    This proof no longer has to be provided for the courses from 2023 onwards. Basic skills in handling, transferring and positioning the described clientele are required.


Course leaders/Number of participants

2 F.O.T.T.® Senior Instructors or 1 F.O.T.T.® Senior Instructor and 1 F.O.T.T.® Instructor with 12 participants


Course aims and objectives

  • Develop an understanding of the impact of a tracheostomy tube on the functional interaction between breathing, swallowing sequence and protective mechanisms
  • The participant is familiar with a function- and activity-oriented therapy approach in the rehabilitation of tracheotomised patients
  • Understanding of the therapeutic approach to suctioning and uncuffing a tracheostomy tube
  • Change of focus from material to basic functions, leading to a reflected therapeutic and interprofessional approach


Course content

  • Typical problems of patients with tracheostomy tubes
  • Various types of tracheostomy tubes and their function from a therapeutic and nursing perspective
  • Key points of goal-oriented tracheostomy tube management
  • Supervised patient treatment in groups of three with video recording and -analysis
  • Nursing and medical aspects of tracheostoma care and tracheostomy tube weaning (tracheostoma closure)
  • Inclusion of a self-created video about the own work with F.O.T.T.®



  • Teaching theoretical knowledge, self-experience and practical work of the participants with each other under supervision of the course instructor
  • Assessment and treatment of patients by the course participants, under supervision of the course leader and subsequent video analysis


Currently no offers in English language.


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