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The company FOrmaTT GmbH was founded in 2002, is based in Germany and is represented by the Managing Directors Barbara Augustin and Jürgen Meyer-Königsbüscher.

Our company is represented by licensed F.O.T.T.® Instructors in Germany, Switzerland and Denmark and offers services as well as equipment in the field of therapy for neurological symptoms.


Professional Training

F.O.T.T.® Instructors offer

  • a Ground Course (with e-learning)
  • three topic-specific Advanced Courses

based on the F.O.T.T.® concept according to Kay Coombes.

In addition, the F.O.T.T.® Instructors offer seminars on individual topics in cooperation with external organizers.


Practical support

The F.O.T.T.® Instructors provide

  • Practical supervision
  • Topic-centred in-house trainings or workshops

according to individual agreement.



Certain F.O.T.T.® Senior Instructors train qualified therapists and nurses to become F.O.T.T.® Instructors.


Assistive devices

Various aids can be obtained via the web shop.


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