E-Learning for the basic course / F.O.T.T.®

Dear graduate of the basic course F.O.T.T.®

since 1.1.2017 the basic courses F.O.T.T.® conducted as blended learning events. This includes the attendance of a basic course F.O.T.T.® and afterwards the online course (including, german or english).

This online course will help you understand the contents of the F.O.T.T.® Basic course (therapy of the facio-oral tract) to repeat and deepen.


  • the basics of the F.O.T.T.® concept
  • 29 videos on examination and therapy of the facio-oral tract
  • the findings recording in the F.O.T.T.® with the principles findings equals treatment and treatment equals findings
  • specific problems that may arise in therapy, as well as possible solutions
  • interactive exercises
  • Illustrative visuals on relevant anatomy and physiology of the facio-oral tract

Also graduates of the basic course F.O.T.T.® who already have completed a basic course F.O.T.T.® and present the certificate for it (doesn't have to be the original, but pdf, scan, copy) can purchase this online course.

Online-Kurs             195 €