G/F.O.T.T.® | Basic course

Since 2017, all German, Danish and English F.O.T.T. Basic courses an e-learning module.

Five or six day interprofessional course based on the Bobath concept. Designed for participants with completed vocational training who work therapeutically with neurological patients. The course goals in the 6-day F.O.T.T. Basic courses correspond to those of the 5-day course and are only spread over another course day.

Target group:

Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, registered nurses, doctors

Number of participants:

1 F.O.T.T.® instructor with 12 participants or
2 F.O.T.T.® instructors with 18 participants

Prerequisite for participation:
Participants are expected to be familiar with the transfer of patients from the wheelchair to the treatment bench. A Bobath course for speech therapists / speech therapists, nurses or therapists or an introduction to the Bobath concept is desirable, but not a requirement. The workshop on transfer and positioning aids (see seminars) is also recommended.
Course objectives:
  • Develop understanding of the relationship between postural background and facio-oral functions
  • Principles, methods and techniques in examination and treatment in the F.O.T.T. apply in supervised work with patients and modify according to the needs of the patient
Course content: in theory and practice (workshops)
  • Anatomy and physiology of the facio-oral tract and their function
  • Normal posture and movement reactions
  • Regular food
  • Typical movement problems in patients with brain damage and their impact on food intake
  • Assessment, examination and treatment of the face and mouth
  • Examination and treatment of breathing and voice
  • Therapeutic eating and aspects of food intake
  • Therapeutic oral hygiene

The content is developed via:
  • Lectures, workshops, self-awareness
  • Patient demonstration by the course leader
  • Supervised patient treatment, usually in threes, with video recording and analysis