About us

F.O.T.T.®  Facial-Oral Tract Therapy

FOrmaTT GmbH is a company founded by F.O.T.T.® Instructors with headquarter in Germany. It offers clinics and facilities F.O.T.T.® basic and advanced courses. The instructors teaching these courses are licensed by Kay Coombes.  >> more about the instructors

Education and Training:

F.O.T.T.® further education and training are offered to multiprofessional therapists (occupational therapists, speech therapists, physiotherapists), doctors and nurses. You can participate in ground and advanced courses with special F.O.T.T.® topics. >> more about seminars and courses

TOP-F.O.T.T.® International

TOP-F.O.T.T.® International was established to ensure that Facial-Oral Tract Therapy is taught by qualified licensed instructors. TOP-F.O.T.T.® International offers efficient and highly qualified- training that promotes and ensures specialized therapy for neurological patients to institutions and clinics worldwide. >> more about TOP-F.O.T.T.® International

Förderverein F.O.T.T. e.V. (S.I.G.)

The “Förderverein F.O.T.T.® e.V”. (Special Interst Group = F.O.T.T.-network) offers a forum for users of the F.O.T.T.® concept. This association organizes meetings once or twice per year. These network-meetings facilitate the interprofessional exchange and the broadening and deepening knowledge, understanding and skill concerning relevant topics within the field of F.O.T.T. Here relevant topics are being discussed, theoretical knowledge is expanded and practical skills are developed further. >> more about the Förderverein